Hyped: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution

There is no denying that Charlotte Tilbury is huge right now and her products are definitely at the higher end of the market.  I don’t believe that when you spend more on a product that you necessarily get something that’s better.  There are certain products that will cost more because of the ingredients and that’s fine but more often than not, you pay more for a name or packaging.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution Lipsticks retail at £24.00 and if you don’t live close by then you’re looking at £2.95 delivery charge as well.  That’s an awful lot of money for one lipstick.  The most I would usually spend on a lip colour is £15.00 and that tends to be the standard price in places like Mac, Jeffree Star, Ofra, Coloured Raine, etc.

On the higher end you have Dior, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, etc and they are on par with Charlotte Tilbury price wise.  I haven’t ever tried a lip product from these brands that would justify the price tag and if I am being completely honest I have never come across a staff member that even remotely entices me.  I find them to be rather rude and snobby…especially considering their make up isn’t that great (the make up on their face, not the counter)

However! Have you ever walked into a Charlotte Tilbury store? Prior to visiting one I had a friend talk about her make up to me ALL of the time.  I do mean ALL of the time as we basically message back and forth 24/7.  I loved the look of her products but there was just no way I was forking out that much for something I knew so little about.  Then I visited the store. It is a beauty haven, from the lighting to the red and gold decor, the mirrors and fabric textures.  Genuinely stunning.  The best part though? Definitely the staff.  I interacted with about four different staff members and every single one was so nice, pleasant and helpful.  Not only that but they were chatty and had a laugh.  It was just tick, tick, tick in there.  So I ended up buying a nude shade of lipstick in the colour ‘Super Cindy’ named after the beautiful Cindy Crawford.

On the website it describes how the lipstick is shaped to perfectly mimic a lip brush for precise application, that the ingredients mean that it gives a ‘cashmere soft matte finish’ and that it provides a blurred effect. I personally love the shape of them and do find them an awful lot easier to apply precisely than a more rounded tip.

This is what the lipstick looks like:

(Images taken from http://www.CharlotteTilbury.com)

The tube is very in line with the feel of the store, they casing is nice and weighted and with the ridged design it very much feels expensive.  The indent of lips on the side of the lipstick is a super cute idea.  The shade is described as a ‘barely there taupey nude’ and I assume on skin tones lighter than me this is a good depiction of what it would look like.  On my lips it leans pinky/peach and is a pale nude shade.

I have worn this quite a few times since buying it so I thought I would include a few pictures of when I have used with different lip liners.

Using Mac Lipliner in Plum
Using Mac Lipliner in Cork
Using Mac Lipliner in Absolutely It

I honestly find the lipstick so versatile, whether I do a smoky eye, glitter, cut crease, no eyeshadow…this lipstick is insanely beautiful to wear.  It’s comfortable, has great pigmentation, buildable without becoming flaky, dries matte but doesn’t look flat or feel drying.  It doesn’t have the longevity of a liquid lipstick which tend to last me the entire day, but it has better life than standard lipsticks and it doesn’t come off so much as it fades to a pretty stain.  It probably lasts me a good 3/4 hours.  I think the description of ‘cashmere soft’ is pretty spot on and I do actually get what they’re saying when they describe a blurred effect.  It just gives a soft focus natural look to the lips and gives them a fullness I don’t get with other lipsticks.

Worth it? Yes, Yes,  Oh,..and yes.  I am in love with my lipstick.  Coming from someone who’s all but abandoned them for liquid lipsticks I feel it means its that much more special.  I cannot fault a thing and already have my eye on the red.  If you discover an everyday shade here (I challenge you not to) then you’ve struck gold.  Just beware you will likely discover an awful lot more than just beautiful lipstick there and as usual I take no responsibility for the money you end up spending.




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