Come Shopping With Me

The City Centre is a regular stop for me.  There was a period of time I really preferred the internet because google images provides enough photos for me to see colours and I can read reviews about products and pick in my own time from any shop.  Recently I have been enjoying the shops again and one of my favourite things to do is just browse make up, swatch products and make a mental note of anything I like.

Today I was going into Boots and I thought it would be fun to share the products I was looking at.  I always watch videos of Make Up Artists I like and see what they’re buying as it might be things I would never look at or didn’t even know about.

The Boots here has a decent variety of make up and recently they stopped selling Too Faced and started selling NYX which is a bonus.  They have all the other regular brands like Maybelline and Rimmel and they have a few of the more expensive brands like Estee Lauder and Clinique.  Of course they have their own brand No7.

The first product I was looking at was the one I actually went in for;


maybelline age rewing concealer
Maybelline Instant Age Rewing Eraser Eye

I actually saw this in a YouTube video done by Xthuyle.  Thuy Le is a Vietnamese make up artist living in London and she is my absolute favourite at the moment.  She did a video about her ride or die products and this was one of them.  I have noticed that she uses all different concealers so was more than intrigued when she said this one is amazing.  It retails at £7.99 and they had buy one get one half price today.  There’s usually a promotion going on for these brands between Boots and Superdrug so I would never buy if it wasn’t on promotion.

I got the shade nude which is the swatch below.  It has a nice yellow tone to it and it swatched really easily.  I am looking forward to trying and reviewing soon.



nyx brow gel
NYX Brow Gel

This was another cool product I saw today.  I actually saw it somewhere online in the past week and read some reviews about it so thought I would swatch the black shade.  I am sorry the picture isn’t actually that clear but the colour is very dark brown almost black.  When I squeezed the tube it seemed really slow to come out which is actually good because the last thing you would want is loads of product falling out and half of it going to waste.  What surprised me was how smooth it was when I swatched it, especially considering how dense it appeared coming out of the tube.

I noticed it dried really quickly and it only budged when I rubbed back and forth really firmly.  I actually have quite a bit of Anastasia Dipbrow at the moment so I wasn’t tempted to purchase just yet but of all the pomades and gels I have seen, this is probably the one I would go for when I do decide to get one….at £5.50 it’s a steal!



maybelline dream blender
Maybelline Dream Blender 

I am not sure if it’s clear but this is a sponge attached to a wooden handle (top right) and is meant to be for foundation.  To be honest I would never use this for foundation.  What I did like the look of it for is to use loose powder under the eye because of its shape and the fact that it has a handle.

I have seen others like this but I really liked how this sponge felt, it was surprisingly soft and when it’s on an offer I think it’s a really good price and even at £5.99 I think it’s pretty cheap.  I would definitely get it if I buy a loose powder.  At the moment all my powders are pressed so it would be wasted.


nyx liquid suede
NYX Liquid Suede in Sway

This Autumn/Winter pastel shades are big.  I was just browsing through Macs e-mail of their 29 new lipstick shades and noticed a large amount are pastel.  I know a few other brands have done the same.

I have seen yellow, mint, green, baby blue, lilac, etc and I honestly can’t imagine looking good in any of them but if I was going to try one pastel shade it would probably be the purple toned.  I also think with some colours you know you won’t ever wear it more than a handful of times so I wouldn’t consider going to pay £15.50 for Mac when I could get a good shade from NYX for £6.50.

I didn’t pick this up today but it’s in the back of my mind.  I am such a loser….when a trend is around for a while i go from hating it to loving it and then I just go OTT.  Like I said, a loser lol



sleek contour kit
Sleek Cream Contour Kit

My Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit is now about 16 months old and nearing the end of its life.  When I first got it there weren’t many options available but now the shops seem to be brimming with contouring products.

I have the Sleek powder contour kit and the Anastasia powder contour kit and I really like them both but I like to use cream contour before powder because I like the definition it gives.  I really liked the look of Sleeks and I did swatch it but forgot to take a picture! boo.  It felt really creamy, a lot creamier than Anastasia’s so I am curious to see how well it works.  Review to follow!  For reference I got the kit in medium.  The light shade has some ivory and pink tones, the medium has golden and yellow tones and the deep is more peach toned.


maybelline contour stick
Maybelline Contour Stick

I liked the look of Maybelline’s contour stick and I have swatched the light shade of the two available.  The top is light and the bottom is medium.  The top has a pinky tone to it and the medium is a pale yellow tone.

The light shade was a little sheer but buildable and the medium tone was a little pale for my liking.  I have noticed this with a lot of contour sticks…the yellow shade just seems extra pale to me but then I have never tried it so maybe it’s amazing and I am missing out.

The texture of these were really nice and smooth and the price is really good.   The only negatives I noticed was the shade range of course, a shade with darker yellow would be nice and I would have expected Maybelline of all brands to address that because their foundation shades for darker skin are actually really good.  The other negative was that the product itself is in the one stick, with one half being contour and the other half being highlight so once you wear the product down I am unsure of how that would work.  I think the standard double ended stick would have worked better.  If you haven’t used a contour product before and the palettes of six shades is a little daunting this is a nice way to start because £6.99 isn’t expensive.


That’s all the products I was looking at today! I bought the Maybelline age rewind concealer in nude and Sleek cream contour kit in medium and will follow up with reviews once I have had a chance to properly test them.  As always I hope you enjoyed and I will post again soon






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